Spray Tans

Classic Tan

20 minutes - $25

A spray tan is the perfect way to achieve a flawless tan without having to spend a second in the sun. Whether you are wanting a natural, sun- kissed glow or want to look super bronzed I have the right solution for you. I use high quality and long lasting solutions which contain naturally derived ingredients.


Before & After Tan Tips


Before your tan...

If you are shaving or waxing before your appointment, do so 24 hours beforehand, and exfoliate to achieve a flawless tan.

Make sure you come to your appointment with clean skin. Remove any moisturisers, deodorant, perfume and makeup before your spray tan to avoid any interference with the bronzing process.

Bring loose clothing for after your appointment. Dark clothing is recommended.

After your tan...

Try not to get caught in the rain and avoid washing hands or feet until you have reached the required time for rinsing (1-3 hours).

Avoid getting hot and sweaty (no gym sessions or running).

When rinsing off your tan, use only water (no soaps) and rinse thoroughly for no longer than 45 seconds.

Avoid using any moisturiser or deodorant for the following 12 hours to prevent any interference as your tan will still be developing.

After the initial 12 hours, make sure to keep skin well moisturised to pro-long the life of your tan.